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Partnership Program in Hyderabad

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Partnership Program

Partnership Program For ERP Software Development

What we Provide to Our Partners

  • tickMultiple systems for various functions that need integration
  • tickPost mergers & acquisitions, systems & networks need integration
  • tickNew product implementations require integration with the other existing systems
  • tickNeed to maximize existing investments while delivering new solutions and increased business value
  • tickIntegrating with business partners, suppliers & customers to decrease inventory
  • tickThe need to reduce manual interactions

Tech Integra Partnership Program Benefits

What the Tech Integra Partnership program Offers to your Business


Joining the Partnership Program allows partners to greatly increase their software and service revenues. The stronger is the partner performance, the greater their financial benefits.


Our framework ensures the highest response and service levels for high-producing partners while providing excellent assistance to all participants.


Both traditional reseller structure and lead referral-based structures are available, depending on your corporate charter.


Tech Integra ERP has consistently out-produced their targets year after year, so you can be assured of partnering with a winning team.


Whenever you need resources to assist customers during the sales cycle, Tech Integra will provide immediate support, security, training, and product information to ensure maximum revenue is recognized with every opportunity.

Partnership Programme

Tech Integra’s global presence brings together their expertise to offer customers solutions that move a business with unlimited benefits. Our extensive network partners provide you with industry expertise and on-site support to help you select, plan, and implement the solutions to run your business efficiently. We support a wide network of resellers, all working on a focused principle to support Tech Integra ERP Software solutions. Tech Integra’s cloud-based software — which includes Industrial, Business and IT-Specific — will impress your clients and prospects, attain new clients and drive your top-line revenue.

We’re looking for partners who share our vision, invest in wide-ranging sales and delivery resources, and want to make industry-leading margins.

Our dedicated team professionals develop, implements and monitors for our clients business needs that help them optimize their business processes and enhance their revenues. From the beginning, we have pioneered a sustainable approach to design, development and customer support. Give your small business partnership for the best chance for success. Our professional partnership approach ensures the success which satisfies our clients.

Tech Integra Partnership Program offers all of the essential ingredients for success, including huge discounts, training, technical assistance, marketing support and sales leads. Our business benefits are designed to help you provide your customers the maximum value of Tech Integra ERP Solutions. Tech Integra Partnership Program aims to enable private industrialists and organizations to benefit from the opportunities thrown open by technology advancements.

Prerequisites for the Program

Established Distribution Channel Orientation.
Good sales, marketing, and customer service know-how.
Skills in pre-sales, sales, after sales, training of differing solutions.
Proven Track Record with financial stability.