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web based

Complete WEB Based software

Our ERP software is a complete web-based software. You can use it instantly on any browser from any corner of the world.


Unlimited Users

Our ERP system is built to allow small and medium businesses run smoothly with multi-user feature.


Inbuilt Email and SMS Integration

We have built Email and SMS integration feature to help you reduce time on communications and concentrate more on other significant areas of your business.


Flexible Software

Plug and Play, Easy to customize the application when and where ever required.


Mobile & Tab Compatibility

Access our ERP in your mobiles and tabs whenever necessary (No need to invest in high-end systems)


Dynamic Dashboard

Our dynamic dashboard feature will help you to access specific module at one instant and helps the higher management take quick decisions.

Multi Language

Multi Language

User Interface can be built in any client-specific language which makes the user understand and communicate to the application without any obstacles.



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Sales Management


TI ERP sales management module allows the company to track sales orders starting right from Request for quotation until the delivery of the product. Alerts and notifications can be triggered to handle the smooth delivery of the products and increase customer satisfaction.

Purchase Management


TI ERP purchase module streamlines the functioning of purchase of inventory, assigning orders to suppliers, and maintaining purchase bills. Purchase module is interlinked to finance module to avoid the hassle of double work entering bills into accounts module.

Inventory Management


TI ERP  Items & Inventory module provides up to date information on in-stock items, out of stock items, inventory locations, items sold etc. to increase profitability and reduce carrying costs. Inventory module is interlinked to all modules of Tech Integra ERP to avoid duplicated work.

Production Management


TI ERP Production module provides tools to help plan, execute, track and control the output along with addressing the key challenges of the production department of the organization. It helps to streamline the production planning process by synchronizing supply with demand.

Finance Accounting


TI ERP GST Integrated Finance module is the core module of our ERP software solution. All transactions of the financial module are GST incorporated to ensure the smooth finance operations of the organization.

Quality Control

Quality Control

TI ERP Quality Control Module helps the businesses to keep the close check on quality at different production stages. Our quality control module helps the production department to detect quality variance at initial stages, begin the rectification procedures and reduce wastage.

HR & Payroll Management


TI ERP HR & Payroll Management module involves various managerial activities such as maintaining employees records, employees attendance, salary administration, Payslip generation, allowances computation, deductions, salary adjustments, bonus and arrears, overtime calculation, provident funds management, and MIS reports.

Plant Maintenance


TI ERP Plant Maintenance module has each and every provision required for plant maintenance and Manufacturing ERP Software such as equipment & location details, corrective & preventive maintenance, AMC contract management, spares & warranty details, fleet management, safety management

Asset Management


TI ERP  Asset Management module helps to manage the capital assets of the organization, handle fixed asset depreciation & revaluation of assets. With an asset management module, it becomes easy to track, monitor & transfer assets.


Job Work

TI ERP Jobwork module helps with sub-contracting & Manufacturing ERP Software. An organization can work on the outside company’s products or may even outsource the production capability to other companies. Jobwork module maintains the records & keeps track of both outsource and insource subcontracts.



TI ERP service module assists an organization with proper servicing and resolution of problems and responds promptly both internal and external customers and gain valuable management data which helps in customer retention as well as operations improvement of the organization.

Import & Export


TI ERP  import & export module facilitates users to meet customer expectations and vendor delivery requirements and reduce operational mistakes and risks by centralizing all logistic and Impex related data by tracking every detail starting right from inventory procurement to delivery of goods