Asset Management Software

ERP For Asset Management

Asset Management

TI ERP Asset Management module helps to manage the capital assets of the organization, handle fixed asset depreciation & revaluation of assets. With an asset management module, it becomes easy to track, monitor & transfer assets.

Features of Asset Management module

  • tickAsset inventory item definition
  • tickMaintenance of procured assets inventory
  • tickAsset capitalization process
  • tickAsset Sales/Scrap
  • tickAsset Movement between locations
  • tickDepreciation calculation based on the percentage and condition defined during capitalization and auto-posting to Financials
  • tickManage and Renewal of asset Warranty


  • tickFixed Assets Purchase
  • tickFixed Assets Location Transfers
  • tickFixed Assets Disposal
  • tickFixed Assets Sale
  • tickProcess Depreciation


  • tickFixed assets movements
  • tickFixed assets inquiry
  • tickFixed assets valuation