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TI ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning software is an all in one integrated cloud-based ERP software solution with GST incorporation. Our ERP software has the capability to serve all kinds of organizations irrespective of size, age & capacity, we can deploy TI ERP into a large organization and even in SME’s with much ease and quick lead time without compromising on client’s needs and efficiency of ERP software. Which is why, we are identified as one of the Best Customize ERP Software Providers in India.

Our TI ERP was introduced for manufacturing industries. With time we have gained customization expertise and wide knowledge into different verticals, we are capable of customizing ERP solution for any kind of industry & verticals.

Our custom erp software for retail, wholesale, trading, manufacturing for all industrial sectors like Textiles, Leather, Apparel, Food, Beverage, Wood, Paper, Printing, Petroleum, Coal, Chemicals, Plastics and Rubber, Nonmetallic mineral, Metals, Fabrication, Electronics, Electrical Equipment, Appliances, Components, Commodities, Transportation, Travel, Furniture, Miscellaneous. We don’t pitch standard Tech Integra ERP to industries without understanding their needs. So, Tech Integra ERP is known as Best Customized ERP Software for Manufacturing Industries in India.

Our ERP software is flexible and can be customized as required. Apart from being customization friendly, our TI ERP solutions is user-friendly as well and can be developed in any language.

It doesn’t require a user to learn any language or so, all it needs is just computer literacy which is why our clients recommend to their associates. One of the significant features is that unlike other ERP software in the market TI ERP doesn’t require a lot of data entry on daily basis. It is very user-friendly and runs with just a mouse click.